Buenos Aires, June 15, 2022 – etermax, the international tech company behind global hits such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack, announces its boost in 3 new video game lines: Web3, virtual reality, and new social and interactive entertainment formats. Alongside its world-class mobile developments with over 800 million downloads, as of this year, new lines seek to continue expanding the company’s focus on gaming. First launches to be released during the second semester of 2022.

At the beginning of the year, etermax’s founder, Maximo Cavazzani, announced the core ideas of the company and its divisions for 2022. Focused on Blockchain, Metaverse, Gamification and AdTech, and promoting new mobile gaming projects and digital experiences, the company seeks to continue enhancing new ways in which technology connects people and organizations and fosters communities.

Amplifying its video game development division, etermax built up three new production lines to invest in the coming years. Through Blockchain Gaming, using the technology as a tool, its experts seek to bring captivating and enduring games where creating NFTs will be available to everyone who wants to have fun and own their rewards. The VR Gaming line is focused on virtual reality for the creation of new immersive gaming universes. Finally, its new line of interactive entertainment delves into the social component that has highlighted the company’s productions with something special for users who love to create and share content.

Likewise, its established line of mobile games, which has already exceeded 800 million downloads and reached 180 countries in 34 languages, continues to produce new experiences that will continue to connect people and promote knowledge in a fun way, and that users will be able to enjoy towards the end of 2022.

“When we created Word Crack over 10 years ago, we were convinced that technology and video games had the potential (now undisputed) to impact on society and on the development of human creativity in a positive way. We have an opportunity to focus on driving tech breakthroughs and trends so that people ask more questions and thus find more solutions to the challenges we face. That is why, with our history of more than 12 years developing video games, we decided to invest in promoting our talent both with mobile apps and with the new technologies that we have within our reach, powered by entertainment. It’s an approach in which curiosity will be the key element to inspire new worlds. If this triggers questions, it means we’re on the right track ”, said Cavazzani.

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