“Hooded Horse and Arcen Games Announce Partnership on New Game – And Forward Fiction AI War Book Series!”

Hey!  Chris M. McElligott Park here, founder of Arcen Games.  Double announcement today, involving two new partners and a lot of awesome staffing news, as well.

Hooded Horse Partnership

First off: Arcen is happy to join the Hooded Horse “stable” of published games, working on an untitled project to be fully announced later.  This title is set in the sci-fi Arcenverse, and has strategic elements, but for the moment, please enjoy the following in-engine preproduction screenshots.

Staff Again!

I’m taking the usual role of game director and code lead, but for the first time in almost half a decade, I won’t be so alone.  This is a really big deal to me, and one of many reasons I’m excited to be working with Tim Bender and the others at Hooded Horse.

Many of the long-time AI War 2 collaborators are now joining fulltime, including Willard “Badger” Davis, George “Zeus” Tibbitts, and Spencer “StarKelp” Ferguson.  Joining in a part-time capacity are Daniel “Daniexpert” Garcevic, Ethan “Democracy” Wong, and Quinn Beltramo. 

Familiar faces Pablo Vega (composer), and Dan “Blue” Mann (artist/environment) also take key roles.

Forward Fiction Partnership

In related exciting news, Uproar Books is launching a new imprint called Forward Fiction, and a new series of canonical AI War books will be the flagship titles launched under that new label.

Forward Fiction has done a great job really immersing themselves in the lore of the games, including unreleased content.  The first novel in the new AI War trilogy shows a lot of scenarios from the games in a new light, as well as laying the groundwork to explore some big questions that the games have yet to answer.  It also includes a major character from the upcoming Hooded-Horse-published game.

I’ve wanted to show who the AI is fighting outside the galaxy for the last thirteen years, but I wanted to do the reveal in a closer-perspective game than any we’ve released thus far. This is one of several areas that Forward Fiction is tackling, and I’ve been really delighted by how meticulous they are in their planning and outlining.

I spent most of my life thinking I wanted to be a novelist and trying to get published.  Despite finishing a few manuscripts, publication of my own work was always elusive.  I wound up being far better suited for game development, but nonetheless I remain deeply interested in the print publishing world, and am really pleased with the care and quality I see coming from Forward Fiction.

Way More Info In The Coming Months!

Having someone else write novels set in a fictional universe of my creation is truly surreal, but in the best way.  Rather like finding such an excellent publishing partner as in Hooded Horse.  This is a whole new chapter for Arcen, and everyone on the team is really thrilled.

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Arcen Games is a Durham, NC based developer of strategy, tactics, simulation, and adventure games.  Their first title, AI War: Fleet Command, was one of the most critically-acclaimed PC games of 2009.  Other titles include The Last Federation, A Valley Without Wind, Starward Rogue, and many more.  For more information, visit

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Forward Fiction is a book publishing and marketing firm that specializes in developing novels from existing intellectual properties, including video games, films, and television shows. For more information, visit

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