“​​​​​​​New SMITE God Lancelot Holding his Grand Joust Today”

ATLANTA – JUNE 14 – Today, Lancelot, SMITE’s first Assassin in eight months, has joined Merlin, Morgan le Fay, and King Arthur himself in the Arthurian pantheon, facing Gods from all mythologies. All players can unlock him just by playing.

Extensive details about the concept and creation of Lancelot can be found in this Closer Look blog post written by developers, and everything about the Round Table game Update is in the Patch Notes.

Lancelot Cinematic Trailer:


Hand of King Arthur and the First Knight of the Round Table to be added to SMITE, Lancelot is famed far and wide for his countless heroic deeds and dedication to the code of chivalry. Yet he never lets his fame turn to pride. His warmth and empathy inspire respect and make him the people’s champion.

As a questing knight, Lancelot roams across the lands vanquising wild beasts and monsters. This naturally makes him a Jungler in Conquest, the most strategic mode in SMITE.

In-game, as traditions command, he can ride to battle on a summonable trusty steed. Effectively acting as a different stance, the mount gives access to three new abilities including aggressive ways to join the fray. Trained for combat, his armored war horse boosts Lancelot’s movespeed and survivability with a growing Health shield.

On foot, Lancelot dashes from one enemy to the next with Piercing Thrusts of his lance, making him a very mobile Assassin. Held in the other hand, his ornate shield reduces frontal attack damage – a new mechanic in SMITE.

With his ultimate ability, Lancelot  creates a Grand Jousting list, mounts up, and charges his foes. A noble attempt at fair competition – yet his contenders stand no chance. Only this white knight in shining armor is sure to be victorious.




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