(Los Angeles, CA) – Scuti, the player rewards and gCommerce marketplace, has partnered with PlayZap Games to fuel its play-to-earn community-driven gaming platform with brand-fueled rewards.

Playzap is built for skill based multiplayer online games that are fun and engaging for all players. The platform offers multiple play-to-earn enabled games as a mobile and desktop app where players will be rewarded based on their loyalty and skill. Now, through Scuti’s gCommerce and advertising platform, players are rewarded with every purchase they make within the PlayZap and convert them into native tokens and in-game items.


Scuti’s leading-edge retention and conversion platform allows all game makers the ability to tap into the $5 trillion online commerce market without disrupting gameplay. Through Scuti’s platform, PlayZap’s players will be rewarded for every engagement and can purchase curated products from top brands directly inside the lobbies of their games, earning Scuti$ with every engagement. Scuti$ can be exchanged for $PZP – PlayZap’s native currency, allowing players to further compete, win, and earn more.

Scuti powers player rewards and ‘playability, while helping game developers and publishers optimize retention and conversion and giving brands an intimate connection with the most coveted demographics.

Abhishek Buchvani, (Founder & CEO of PlayZap Games) said, “With Scuti, we see a great match to bring fully curated products and offers from top brands directly to our PlayZap community. The Scuti marketplace enables brand-fueled rewards for our players that allow our community to earn loyalty Scuti$ with every engagement that can be redeemed for in-game purchases and to participate in special tournaments to win our native tokens. We are super excited to work alongside Scuti to bring rewarding experiences to our PlayZap mission.” 

“It’s exciting that players can now utilize the Scuti marketplace and exchange their earned Scuti$ for PlayZap’s native currency,” said Nicholas Longano, Scuti CEO and Founder. “This partnership reinforces our promise to brands, that through the purchase of their products, they will play an important role in the game ecosystem – in this case, by fueling P2P tournaments. For publishers like PlayZap, we are able to now generate accretive new revenue streams as well as provide their players with valuable and useful rewards.”


Scuti and PlayZap will offer new players who register on the Scuti platform 10,000 free Scuti$ to kickstart their play-to-earn gaming journey.


Scuti is the pioneer in gCommerce and the world’s first universal rewards marketplace, accessed through video games and metaverses in the Scuti Network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for in-game virtual items, exchanged for native currency or used to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog.  


Scuti was founded by Nicholas Longano and built by a team of video game veterans to provide game makers with the most lucrative and accretive revenue streams, bring players universal rewards to enhance their gaming experiences, and allow brands a direct advertising and sales platform to reach the elusive gaming audience.


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Playzap is a play-to-earn community-driven gaming platform where players can compete on proven and highly engaging skill-based competitive games & win native crypto tokens. 


PlayZap is a 360-degree gamified Defi NFT ecosystem, aimed to bridge the gap between blockchain gaming and the mainstream market while connecting the players directly with their favorite games. PlayZap offers a complete suite of products, with its own marketplace, metaverse, wallet, and infrastructural support feeding directly into the betterment of the P2E ecosphere, bringing it closer to the quality levels achieved by already established IPs.


PlayZap´s vision is to bring skill-based competitive gaming to mainstream players by offering a secure environment, digital ownership, and a fun gaming experience.


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